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WooCommerce was created by WordPress subject designer WooThemes. The designers of Jigowatt are Mike Jolley and James Koster. They were set to portion away at a Jigoshop Fork. Later that progressed toward becoming WooCommerce. In August 2014, WooCommerce helped just about 381,187 destinations.

On November 2014, the first WooConf gathering concentrated on web-based business utilizing WooCommerce was held in San Francisco, California. Almost 300 participants turn on to that meet.

WooThemes and WooCommerce via Automattic, administrator of and primary colleague of WordPress programming on May 2015 WooCommerce is a free electronic substance addon and an outline of the substance of WordPress presently accessible. In spite of the fact that the mechanized PC, WooCommerce is principally to make a corporate association all in all WooThemes.

Data about the beginnings of the creation, the accessibility, the exchange administration and the exchange of assets dependent on In the year June 2013 List of productions, WooCommerce WordPress, accomplished almost $ 1 million less on the planet.

After a year that is on August 2014, the module has been duplicated and WooCommerce has been downloaded 4 million times!

The company also launched its first free theme, Storefront. In 2015, WooCommerce achieved about $ 7 million, of which 30% are from the online stores, including Automattic as per majority. The year 2015 has been a best and a successful year for WooCommerce that has mentioned in the article on May 19, 2015, Matt Fütateur, and CEO of Automattic.

  • Most of WooCommerce is 100% GPL permit to open code.
  • Truth be told, this is what’s going on like which are the best matches the contact of WooCommerce in the market, specifically, the substance of WordPress.
  • The numbers at WooCommerce were tremendously gone up to high.
  • They are the best on the trail.
  • No subtleties were given on the sum paid via Automattic for WooCommerce, more insights regarding $ 30 million.
  • The membership of the Usuarios has proceeded in
  • WooCommerce now being a insights and figures WooCommerce
  • The more detailed adaptation of WooCommerce is 3.5.4 and can be downloaded.

Advantage of WooCommerce

  • Its Free
  • Its Familiar
  • It Looks Professional
  • It’s Very Secure
  • It Makes Analytics Easy
  • It Offers A lot of Flexibility
  • It Has A lot of Customization Options
  • It helps you do Content Marketing better

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